The Blonder the Better.


To answer the age old question, "do blondes have more fun?”… YES!

Like most natural blondes, I started off as a white blonde baby. I stayed blonde up until I was around 13 or 14 years old and my hair started to turn to a darker blonde. After my hair started getting darker, I decided to finally dye my hair back blonder. I love being blonde and feel so much more myself. As far as the texture goes, my hair has naturally beachy waves. I can't tell you the number of people who have asked me how I get my curly waves to which I reply "water?". (this is not my natural hair in this picture)

What I ask for at the salon:

Pinterest is great for getting inspiration for your next hair appointment. I typically show my stylist, Peyton, different Pinterest pictures of ideas I'm leaning toward so we both are on the same page and she knows exactly what I am wanting. I personally love a more cool toned blonde so I have her keep my color a whiter blonde while still keeping my roots natural and blended. I get balayage done, which is a technique that gives your hair color dimension and for me is perfect because I have so many shades of blonde in my hair and balayage helps to blend them all together. What I love about balayage is that when I get my hair dyed it still looks like my hair. And if I get busy and can't get back to the salon, when my hair grows out it still looks natural and I don't have the dreaded obvious root grow out.

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

One important thing I've learned since I've started coloring my hair is how important it is to have good products to maintain the color. This shampoo works wonders when it comes to keeping my blonde cool toned. I use the Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo at least four times a week to keep my hair from turning brassy. Joico also makes a conditioner in this product line as well, but I normally just use a drugstore conditioner. I can 100% say that this shampoo is responsible for maintaining my tone and keeping my hair fresh and bright! Just make sure you don't leave this product, or any purple shampoo, on for too long or it will temporary dye your hair me I would know haha (*face palm).

My awesome hairstylist: Peyton McIntire

The salon: Vogue Hair and Beauty Salon


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