My 3 Favorite Hot Drinks from Starbucks.

It’s FINALLY starting to get cooler outside here in the South (and by cooler I mean less than 70 degrees), so today I want to share some of my go-to hot drinks from Starbucks for the fall and winter seasons.

Disclaimer: I personally don’t drink caffeine or dairy milk so most of these drinks are customized for my diet. Feel free to change them up to your liking!

Honey Citrus Mint Tea- aka the Medicine Ball.

Before Starbucks officially put this drink on their menu, I ordered it as a “medicine ball”. It contains Peach Tranquility Tea, Jade Citrus Mint Tea, half steamed lemonade, and honey. This drink is my saving grace when I start to feel sick or just want something to soothe my throat. It’s not overly sweet, which I like, and tastes fruity and minty.

Cafe Latte w/ Almond Milk.

I love my coffee to have a nutty flavor and the Cafe Latte w/ almond milk does just that. To me, this drink just tastes like the holidays. Even though it doesn’t contain any flavoring (although you can always add a pump of syrup) it still tastes like more than just coffee a simple coffee. My first time getting a hot latte always makes me excited for the holidays.

Matcha Green Tea Latte w/ Coconut Milk.

Before I cut out diary milk, I got the Matcha Green Tea Latte with 2% milk. Now, I get it with coconut milk and it tastes pretty comparable to the regular version. If you’re looking for better alternative to coffee but still want your caffeine fix, you need to try this drink! Matcha contains caffeine but does not have the negative side effects of coffee like crashing or glucose spikes. Matcha also contains antioxidants! This drink tastes slightly sweet and smooth and has a vanilla hint to it. Although I’ve only tried it with regular milk and coconut milk, I’m curious to see how almond milk would taste in it as well!

Whether you’re a die hard PSL lover wanting to change it up or just excited for red cup season at Starbucks, I hope this blog introduced you to some new concoctions!

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